1. Introduction:
  • Duy Hung table tennis club was held in 20/07/2012.
  • Everyday, we welcome hundred of players with various levels and ages.


  • Nearly 2000 frequent members activating in our Facebook fan page “ Câu lạc bộ bóng bàn Duy Hưng”.
  • Duy Hung table tennis club is one of the top table tennis training and competition center in Hanoi.
  • Duy Hung table tennis club is a favorite destination for both national and international players.


  • Duy Hung club is equipped with 18 qualified tables, slip resistance floor, modern lightning system and other convenient facilities such as ball shooting robots, ball catch nets, table covers…
  • 3 professional tables with Olympic qualifications which worth totally 150 million VND.


  • Duy Hung club offers modern technology in training activities. Practitioner’s training sessions will be recorded for further training plans.
  • Duy Hung club offers foods and drinks, shower rooms, dressing rooms, personal lockers, security cameras and free Wi-Fi.
  • Opening hours: From 8am to 9pm during weekdays (including Wednesdays, Sundays excepts holidays and special occasions).
  • Address: Cultural House of  Thanh Xuan – Le Van Luong, Hanoi
  1. Service:
  • Duy Hung Table Tennis Club- Vietnam professional table tennis training and service provider
  • Daily participation: 25,000VND/person/time.
  • Monthly participation: 400,000VND/person/month.
  • Discount monthly participation fee for students and elderly people: 300,000VND/person/month.


  • Duy Hung club offers a team of professional coaches who are well trained and acquire a lot of experience and willing to provide specified and appropriatelesson plan for each individual.
  • Tuition fee per one month training course: 1 million VND (85,000VND/training session). Morning class: 9am-11am. Afternoon class: 3h-5h. We only take 4 students per class.
  • The club also offers individual class to meet various demands from students with 150,000VDN/ training session for basic course and 200,000VND/training session for advanced course.


  • Duy Hung club is specializedin consultancy, wholesaling and retailing of table tennis equipment , costumes and accessorieswith the best offer and value added invoices.
  1. Partners:
  • Vietnam student newspaper
  • Tân Liên Minh Company with brand: DHS, 729
  • Toàn Thịnh Company
  • Mofico company with brand: Double fish
  • Table tennis forum: Bongban.org


  1. Corporate Culture:

Duy Hung table tennis club is also in charge of organizingother entertaining events for club members including:

– Birthday parties.

– Entertainment events.

– Culinary events.

And other wealthy activities.


  1. Table tennis tournaments held and coordinated by Duy Hung club:

– 1stand 2ndThanh Xuan district Open tournament (2012 and 2014 respectively).

– 1st and 2nd Student Newspapers Cup tournaments (2013 and 2014 respectively) with the participation of 30 different universities.

– 1st Vietnam family cup tournament (2014) with the participation of well known table tennis families in Vietnam.

– Duy Hung Cup tournament for E Class (2013) with the participation of 24 teams and nearly 100 players.

– Quarterly internal tournaments for Duy Hung club’s members.




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